The Drama King

My husband is many things; sweet, charming, adorable. In addition to all of those things, he is also kind of a hypochondriac and overly dramatic. As a self-professed (psuedo) drama queen myself, this is probably we are highly compatible.

So, naturally when The Drama King falls ill, my whole life is turned upside-down. I know that everyone reacts wildly different to being ill. I'm one of those people who takes to their bed and just stays there until the storm blows over. My husband however, is he of the I am so sick and I'm not going to stop telling you I'm sick – and hey – did you know? I'm sick variety. I'm using a new technique to cope, it's called patience – maybe you've heard of it? 

I'm doing my best impersonation of a nurse, complete with temperature taking, medicine dispensing and also being a kind wife by fluffing pillows, making sure tissues are on hand and serving up hot bowls of chicken noodle soup. We're only on day one of the sickout so I'm thinking it's going to get worse before it gets better, wish me luck!