Soggy Update

So, I guess I really just am incapable of daily updates? Never the mind. I am here now to bore you to death about my life. The weather is so abysmal that it's hard to find the motivation to do anything; ead a book, cook, update this blog, shop. Well, maybe not shop ;)

So, my birthday. My birthday was so good. Beyond good. I feel incredibly blessed to have had a birthday so good. I would show you tons of pictures of my birthday dinner, but I forgot my camera and I'm at someone else's mercy for seeing what photos were took that evening. Long story made super short – we had a good time and I felt loved in ways immeasurable.

AND then after my delicious dinner, my husband went above and beyond the husband call of a duty and surprised me with a night in a fancy hotel, where I promptly disrobed and… fell asleep. What? I'm 31, I get tired fast. It was a supremely (I love adjectives!) generous, thoughtful and sweet gesture and every, single time I look at his handsome face, I realize what an amazing gift I've been given. If I'm giving him even half of what he's giving me – I think we might survive this whole marriage thing.

Monday night, I hung out with Patricia and another gal pal. I have known Patricia for far too long to have never hung out, but we finally got it together and I hope she liked me as much as I liked her. We had a quiet dinner and then we turned the volume up a little and saw Anjulie & Raphael Saadiq, who were both so good.

And, I think that's it. 31 was a memorable birthday – as they all should be. I keep telling people that birthday's are the only time of the year where being egocentric is allowed and even expected and I go the distance.