The Simple Things

Fall Flowers  New (old) Dining Room Table

I recently acquired a new to me dining room table which is probably the most exciting thing to happen to me all year (besides keeping my job – YAY!). The first thing I did was make sure to put flowers on the table because they are so pretty when you walk into the room and they make me happy and a happy wife = a happy life. I quietly informed my husband, who actually picked out said flowers (good job baby!) that henceforth, it was going to be his job to make sure that there were flowers in a vase every week. He rolled his eyes a little but said yes, that he would and also he understood that he needs to "do better". I don't know exactly what spurred the "do better" movement, but I like it!

Marriage is an uphill thing. I am reticent to call in outright uphill battle because battle indicates conflict and that's not really what it's like around my house. It's the whole – just when you think you have someone figured out and then BOOM! There they go changing overnight, and there are no things to be learned and contended with. I'm so far from being a perfect wife that it's not even funny, but I'm pretty okay – I'm thinking B- most days. But I think I am going to take a note from my husband and try to "do better".