Flower powerI am so tired. This picture was taken last night and probably 2x as tired now as I was then and do you see that luggage I'm carrying under my eyes? Not muy bueno at all. Something about Daylight Saving's Time makes me highly unmotivated to accomplish anything in life that I need to do. And please believe that if you walked around my apartment, you would quickly see that there is so much that needs doing. I can't do it all though, so what doesn't get done will have to be pushed to the WAY far back burner.

So, tonight after work – I have a date with a broom, a sponge and Norah Jones' new cd which is criminally good and will hopefully get me through the drudgery of housework. The new cd is so good in fact, that I'm going to share it with you and ask that if you love it (and you will) that you buy it next week when it officially appears in stores or on itunes (barf, gag!). Click Me!. All of it is so good it makes my soul happy but I'm particularly partial to You Ruined Me, I Wouldn't Need You, It's Gonna Be & Tell Yer Mama. Enjoy.