She Shops

The one thing about losing weight that sucks is always having to replace your clothes. This may also simultaneously be the best thing because it causes you to re-evaluate your clothing. I've been fortunate enough to sell a lot of my clothes and I'm a pretty savvy shopper so it hasn't been too bad. Unless you ask my husband, who will gladly tell you that I am an out of control lunatic who can't stop buying stuff. There may be a smidge of truth in there somewhere.

Despite the fact that I abhor being cold, fall and winter clothes are the most fun because you get to layer so much and scarves and hats? All that business is right up my alley. And despite the fact that I think I'm a fairly capable dresser who is aware of (but not an absolute participant in) fashion trends, my well-dressed and brilliant friend Risa is going to style me and then profile it on her fabulous blog, and trust me – there is so much one can learn from a person who just sees clothes in an entirely different way than I do.

It's so easy to get into a fashion rut. To rely on the same shapes, silhouettes, and colors and never think outside of the box. I'm looking forward to seeing what Risa comes up with and I will definitely keep you posted.