NABLOPOMO #1.3: Evolution

It's that time of the year again. NABLOPOMO! The time where daily, I rack my brain trying to figure out what the hell it is that I'm going to write about every day for the next however many days there are this month because I can't remember and I'm being too lazy to look it up. I think being sick a couple of weeks ago sucked up all of my creativity because my words seem to evaporate into the ether as soon as I sit down to actually write anything of value or substance. Certainly there are other things floating around in my head too – but everything is not meant to be shared. Right? Right.

I got an email the other day (waves at person who sent said email), asking me how I've been doing with my weight-loss and since I haven't really talked that much about it in a really long time – I suppose now is as good as time as any to update you on it, because you care, right? Right. Having weight-loss surgery is still the single greatest thing I've done in my adult life. Bar none. That, and therapy (but that is another entry for another day). I'm not saying that lying on a table and having someone anesthetize you and remove the majority of your stomach is for everyone – but for me? I wouldn't go back.

Today there is roughly 210 pounds less of me than there was before. TWO HUNDRED AND TEN. Actually, I think it's 212, but 210 just seemed to have more impact and who's counting? I'm not exactly where I'd like to be number wise, but I'm happy. Supremely, blissfully, disgustingly, obnoxiously happy. And, it's not that I was a miser before – but for me, having the surgery made me a better version of myself. A better version of myself who just happens to wear smaller pants.

The journey has not been without it's up ands down but the payoff has been specatcular. And when I look back at pictures of myself over the years – it's amazing to really see the transformation. So, that's my update! The following is a photoset of me around this time of year since 2004.

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11/1/07 Nablopomo entry