en·gage   (?n-g?j')

v., -gaged, -gag·ing, -gag·es.


1.  To obtain or contract for the services of; employ: engage a carpenter.

2.  To arrange for the use of; reserve: engage a room. See synonyms at book.

3.  To pledge or promise, especially to marry.

4.  To attract and hold the attention of; engross: a hobby that engaged her for hours at a time.

5.  To win over or attract: His smile engages everyone he meets.

6.  To draw into; involve: engage a shy person in conversation.

7.  To require the use of; occupy: Studying engages most of my time.

8.  To enter or bring into conflict with: We have engaged the enemy.

9.  To interlock or cause to interlock; mesh: engage the automobile's clutch.

10.  To give or take as security.

Congrats to one of my dearest loves who got engaged last night. I LOE YOU!