Last night I crawled into bed with the newest issue of Cooking Light magazine. It was part trying to get inspired and part trying to menu plan for Thanksgiving. I decided that I'm not cooking a turkey because we don't really like it all that much and the markup on a turkey this time of year? Unethical on all levels. So I'm going to roast a chicken instead but do the typical sides with a twist. This plan is subject to change at will.

I lost a book of stamps and it is giving me so much rage, I can not even describe it because did you know a book of stamps is like $873 dollars, right? 

This morning I filled out the first of my paperwork for a passport because I don't have one yet and (shh! it's a secret!) it looks like we're going to be traveling internationally soon. Details as they develop.

I seriously need to read a book. I was dong so well this year, I was up to 22 (maybe 23, that list might need updating) books read and then I hit a wall. As with all things, I do them with abandon or not at all. I think this is the obessive compulsive part of me. All or nothing.

Today, I am a gigantic ball of hormones. Subject to bite someone's head off if they cross me. So, I'm keeping to myself and writing myself notes of things I need to do. I hope you have a great Monday!