Wonder About

I often wonder what kind of parent I'm going to be. Or more specifically, how parenthood will change the way I think and act. I wonder if my brain will go all baby and all I will ever be able to talk about is my kid and how my kid is the best sleeper, nurser, charmer and hey – my kid just mapped the human genome yo!

I guess because I exist outside of that realm it's hard for me to imagine and I sometimes have to resist the urge not to roll my eyes at people who seem to be incapable of talking about anything but. Don't get me wrong – I LOVE kids (yours included!). I rave about the kids around me plenty, but they're not mine and I'm getting more and more curious as to how having my own kids is going to turn my universe upside-down. 

My guess is that in time, I'll be eating these words and talking about how my future child is the most amazing and perfect child that ever existed in the whole history of mankind because I made him/her and ZOMGZ isn't he/she perfect – and then you can just refer me back to this and tell me to shut up.