The Coldest Winter Ever

Hello, I'm dramatic because it's not even really winter yet. I need to remember to open my blinds and soak up every ounce of available sunshine as the days got shorter and cooler. Despite the fact that fall/winter fashion makes my soul happy – I find myself in these blue moods.  In fact – I just opened the blinds in my bedroom. Too bad the sun is nowhere to be found. You win some, you lose some n'est pas?

I could probably also help my own cause by listening to something other than sad Maxwell love songs. I feel like there's so much going on in my periphery but yet, I can't quite articulate it all – so I guess that means it's better left unsaid for the time-being. I hope that didn't come off as emo as I'm feeling like it did. Ha! 

The other day I grabbed a late dinner with a friend and I just had to stop and say my friends? Amazing. I know I say that a lot, but it's so true. Hyper-true. Despite all of my shortcomings, I've been blessed in a major way with a group of friends who are so staggeringly wonderful, I can hardly believe it. Not that I don't deserve them, because I'm pretty neat myself ;)  – but I want everyone to have a circle of friends as breathtaking as my own, both daily life friends and e-friends. And I'm going to stop gushing now. 

I've been keeping a small notebook with me (amidst the other 30 I seem to be carrying at all times) and jotting things to blog about. Some of them materialize, and some of them are spectacular failures, but I'm here and trying to get my head together. How are you?