feeling SO COLD!

smelling Michael Kors Very Hollywood perfume, I want it.

needing More clothes for the winter months. Particularly jeans.

avoiding Cleaning my apartment

wanting The perfect nude/red lipsticks

listening To The Gossip pretty much non-stop

drinking More warm things as the temperature drops. My husband always makes me the best cups of tea.

reading Bright, Shiny Morning by James Fray – a hard starter this one, but I'm gonna tough it out.

eating ALL of the honey bbq chips in ze whole entire worldz

loving Fall fashion

looking (forward to) Halloween & actually dressing up this year

watching Modern Family and so much other new fall tv that it's banoodles

rolling (my eyes at) All of the brouhaha about The President and The Nobel Peace Prize THAT HE DID NOT ASK FOR.

cheering For Glamour & Marie-Claire magazines showing bigger girls within the confines of their pages, anything is a start. Let's hope they see it through.

giggling (at) Jezebel's Tweet Beat section. I so look forward to that comedic relief daily.