Of Times Gone By

I had a beautiful day today. Took lots of pictures. Mostly of other people but a handful of myself.


In fact, I had a great weekend. I sometimes underestimate the value of spending time with people I love. I'm not a hermit in any way – but I have a tendency to isolate myself at times, which is so eye-roll inducing given how amazing the caliber of people in my life really is.

I desperately need to wash my face and go to bed, but I'm listening to Maxwell and being a little forlorn about not doing the Sunday Share anymore because I have so much good music it's almost criminal to not be sharing it. Maybe I'll post some of it mid-week although you would be wise to not hold your breath on that.

I feel full and satisfied, and that's not just from all of the calories I've consumed this weekend either. That made me laugh out loud at my desk because I ate (and subsequently barfed) a lot this weekend. Totally worth it.