Let's Talk About Sex

Sex is one of those things. It?s the thing that so few people openly admit to thinking about or doing. And yet, teenage birthrates are on the rise, approximately two-thirds of people who acquire STDs in the United States are younger than 25 (source), and less we forget to mention that the spread of HIV persists even if it?s not the cause célèbre that it once was.

Yesterday, whilst helping a friend do some volunteer work for a really important organization called HIPS, a few of us tried to give away FREE condoms, lubricant, dental dams and matches (the matches are random, I know).  Maybe I?m crazy or just unrealistic, but I was stunned at the number of people who refused them, eschewed eyed contact or just flat out ignored me. Strangely, in a city where 1 in 20 people carry HIV – people didn?t want free condoms. Maybe this particular group of folks already practice safe sex, maybe they are brand loyal, or maybe they shop at Costco for their condoms, but it really just blew me away.

As I was rejected and ignored time and time again I couldn?t help but articulate to my friends my astonishment because do you know how much a box of condoms costs?  A lot! In my mind I thought that those who are most at risk or potentially most likely to not be able to even afford to BUY condoms, and here we stand, having a hard time giving them away.  There are some real and viable social implications about that, but that?s definitely a story for another day. 

So, I?m asking you – would you be embarrassed to stop for free condoms? Why or why not? Leave your comments with a bogus email address and fake name if you want – I?m really curious.