I had to leave a note for my upstairs neighbor today. As in at 7:45 am.

Story Of My Life

So, I'm up and surfing aimlessly and listening to the new Mariah Carey album. I love her in all of her affectation. I don't care how old she is or how juvenile anyone thinks she is – I love how her music makes me smile from the inside out.

I want to try something different and write daily. Maybe every morning, first thing. I have some ideas for things I want to write about, I don't know if it's going to pan out, but we'll see. The first step is putting it out there.

I need to clean up and organize my bedroom. My gigantic piles of laundry from two weeks ago is still staring at me and getting an attitude because it wants to be put away. Meh. Doesn't seem like fun, does it?