A Beautiful Day!

I need to tell you that I feel like crap today. That if you could see inside my chest, it would look like a mucinex commercial, but it's okay because my friend Emily? She loves me y'all. Loves me enough to enable me to see U2 in concert. U2! U2! My friends? They take awesome to a whole new level. I could get vertigo (ha ha!) from just being in their atmosphere.




Yesterday, I spent the day with family at a birthday party for a 1 year-old which is likely the setting off point of my illness. And I STILL don't care, because I'm seeing U2!




Here is a photo of the birthday girl and her papa. She was so overwhelmed yesterday it was a little ridiculous but a good time was had by all. Below that are some of my cousin-in-law's baby. I DIE from her cute. DIE. A million times I die. Send me good vibes and energy that I feel a million times better tomorrow. I see soup and lots of tv in my future. AND U2!






Beza's Birthday Bash


Beza's Birthday Bash Beza's Birthday Bash