Raging Hormones

I am 30. Closer to 31 than 30, but still 30. I really hate when people call me ma?m. I also want to be carded at the liquor store and any other place that cards people who are of a questionable age. I?m not adverse to aging in any way, I?m actually at this point in life where I?m excited about the prospect of getting older – but stroke my ego too, you know?

I am 30. Why are my hormones incapable of sorting themselves out and why do I look like a Proactiv before commercial? Uncool.

I am 30. Why have I not learned that one can not pick their face and/or bother aforementioned acne? It is gross and I?ll probably continue to do it. This is who I am.

I am 30. I am about 2 minutes away from not being able to listen to Hip-Hop anymore. Yesterday I tried to listen to an old DMX album and I was so horrified at the things he was saying, I had to turn it off. I am probably (certainly?) turning into my mother.