Listening – Elliot Yamin?s Fight For Love. It?s a little bit criminal that he?s not more famous than he is.

Excited about watching – Weeds. I love this show. Mary Louise Parker is so absolutely brillaint.

Wanting – Pizza. I swear I could eat pizza every single day of my life and never be mad about it.

Thinking – Should I delete my twitter? Am I overextending myself on the web? Do I really care that much?

Needing – To clean up my apartment. And take a shower.

Making – Pizza dough. I think I?m gonna have to make this thing happen. Oh pizza how I love you.

Reading – The Time Traveler?s Wife. So far I?m interested but the word cock in like the first 20 pages and cock just seems so xxx to me. Sorry, but it does.

Drinking – I just had a grande ice caramel macchiato. Probably going to be up for awhile.

Loving – Alias. I?ve never been a big Jennifer Garner fan but this show is a little bit brilliant and I?m sad I didn?t watch it when it was on the air.