I really and truly believe that I was destined to be a housewife. Now, whether or not this will actually come to pass remains to be seen. I want to be a stay-at-home mom to some ridiculously adorable child who has my husband's lips and ears and loves to cuddle. I want to make dinner everyday and complain about cleaning my house (wait, I kind of already do that). Financially, these are pipe dreams – but won't stop me from putting them into the universe.

Sunday we threw a small dinner party for some of my in-laws who are moving back to Ethiopia after giving it a go here in the good ole U. S. of A. It's so hard to live here coming from a place that has deep socialization roots like Ethiopia does and with the economy collapsing, it just was not meant to be. I made a good spread and forgot to take pictures. Yes, me – the person who takes pictures of all her food forgot. I made lasagna (thank you Phebe!), greek style chicken (recipe – thank you Kalyn!) served over carrots and yukon gold potatoes, a salad with mixed greens, beets and goat cheese (thank you elise!) and a pesto pea salad (Thank you Ina!) that was so good, I wanted to smear it all over my body. Seriously. For dessert I made kheer with fresh mango slices. It was a good time and it's always nice to be around family.

Today I'm eschewing meat in my quest to be kinder and gentler to Mother Earth. I'm starting slow and shooting for two or three days a week with no meat. Mondays, Wednesdays and possibly Fridays. This process is going to need planning and dedication but I think I can do it. If you have some fabulous vegetarian recipe that I need to know about – please share it.

This weekend we're going to travel to visit some friends and their ridiculously delicious children. I'm so excited to have not only a weekend off, but two consecutive days off. I've got to do better about seeing my friends because I miss them and I hope they miss me too!

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