Middle Of The Week Update

I just had this amazingly (not) profound thought that at least 95% of my problems could be solved by winning the lottery. So remind me later to pick up a lottery ticket will you? That is not to say that I am not thankful for the place that I am in right now. Things could much different. And by different, I mean worse.

Over the weekend my husband and I watched Rendition with no subtitles, which effectively meant that 45% of the movie I did not understand what was going on. We pieced it together though and it was really good – I highly recommend it. With subtitles of course. We also watched Paul Blartt: Mall Cop at some point last week. I left about 30 minutes in to watch Jon & Kate Plus 8 because I have priorities. My husband gave that a hearty meh. Now that I?m thinking about it – I?ve watched a lot of movies recently (for me anyways). I finally watched Iron Man which was so ridiculously good I?m kind of mad at myself for not seeing it in the theaters. Gwyneth Paltrow though? Pass.

I tried to start James Joyce?s A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man about 5 times, but it just makes me feel ridiculously stupid. My friend Emily warned me – but I was not prepared. I just looked over at the book and Joyce?s face is staring back at me, condeming me for not being able to understand his ridiculous verbiage. Don?t judge me sir – your book is hard. Just saying.

This blog has become a shadow of its former self. A place where my thoughts go to die. A veritable black hole of imagination. I?m really selling myself, right? I?m going to try to get it together in the coming days to motivate myself because I?ve always envisioned being able to look back on these things that I?ve written and actually enjoy them. But in order to do that, I actually need to write things. Funny how that works.

And to make this entry worth your while (don?t you hate it when people say worth your wild? Ugh!), and because this entry has no theme or fluidity, here?s a picture of a beautiful baby. My niece-in-law. My husband?s family is full of beautiful kids – it?s almost genetically unfair. Almost.

Beautiful Beza