Life Update

I?m sitting at a Starbucks and typing along on Torrence?s Macbook Pro. It?s a pretty machine but does not compel me to Mac wanderlust. I?m convinced they make the chairs in Starbucks hard to sit in so that people don?t come in here and sit for hours upon hours. Looking around though, it appears their dastardly plan is not working because people are here and looking so settled.

I used to hate when people took to their blogs and apologized for not posting/updating because I was always of the school of thought that blogging was so personal and I mean – we don?t owe anyone for not keeping up with what is the equivalent of an online diary. But every time I look at my blog I feel a little forlorn about not updating for all 5 of you who continue to read these few little words that I write. Writing wise, I?m in a bit of a lull and trying to dig myself out. But I feel like I?ve said that before?

Life continues plodding along and I?m hoping that one day I?m just going to wake up and this sea of words is going to rush forth and I?ll have things to share with you. In the meantime, I guess I am a little sorry because I miss sharing and reading about your lives and interacting with all of you. So I?m going to try to commit to doing better, here goes nothing.