No internet in my new digs yet. No phone either, but I?m just not even going to open that can of worms. I can?t. I?m in this weird state of moving purgatory. Where things are not quite settled and I have a foot still in my old place. I still stir in the middle of the night wondering where I am and taking in the new smells and sounds. I haven?t yet been inspired enough to cook anything, or maybe I?m just lazy? I adore my neighbors and my hardwood floors. I wish my kitchen had more counters – but we can?t get everything we want all the time, right? Right.

Last Friday was the 2 year anniversary of my weight-loss surgery. As of that day, there was officially 202 lbs less of me. I celebrated that fact by eating many fried foods over the weekend. I?ve still got a ways to go before I?ll feel completely satisfied, but given how I feel now – I?m pretty happy and I still feel like it?s one of the greatest gifts I?ve ever given myself. I don?t want to wax rhapsodic about it and not because I don?t understand the enormity of what I?ve done, but because my life is better for having done it. I?m not a role model for surgery, I eat bad things sometimes, I love Starbucks (mmm Starbucks) – but 202 lbs? I?m so happy and proud of that.

I spent the weekend with my family. Being surrounded by my family is endearing and maddening all at once. I love the folly that is my family and I wouldn?t trade any of them for anything in this world. Whenever I return from a visit home, I?m so spent but so happy. So, incredibly happy. Love will do that to you.