I watched the season finale of Lost today. Man, that show makes me laugh and cry and yet – I?m sure it?s going to end in some grandly dissappointing rage that will find me right back here in front of a keyboard complaining about how much the ending sucks and how I invested all of this time into that. I?m looking at you The L Word and The Sopranos.

I?ve been reading a lot lately. I?ve missed books and I don?t care how shiny or awesome your Kindle is – books are better. I mean, have you smelled a book? The only smell that can rival the smell of a new book is a baby?s neck?or a cupcake. If you?re on goodreads and we?re not already friends, please let?s become friends. I love to look at what people are reading, I think it says a lot about us, or at least I like to infer that it does. I am also on readernaut which although it?s prettier, I don?t like as much as the former – but you can add me there too if you like.

I wonder if I?ll ever get to a point where I simply don?t want to write online anymore. I can?t really imagine just not writing in some capacity online because I?ve been doing it since 1873, but I can?t pretend to not notice that my time between updates seems to stretch further and further. And it?s not for lack of having anything to talk about – but actually motivating myself to sit down and commit things to actual history. 

I was thinking that I owuld make a commitment to daily updating for the next week or so, but that project would certainly fail before it even got off of the ground, so why lie to myself or to you? Thank you to all of you who?ve checked on me via email, chat or even by leaving a comment. You = awesome!