Going Without

So tomorrow is the day. The big moving day. BARF. All week long I?ve felt like things were okay and that we were mostly packed and then everytime I take a quick look around – it?s like more things materialize. I am not so much into this. It now appears that I will not have internet for two weeks instead of one and the level of rage I am having to suppress about that is grand.

Ironically enough (I think it?s ironic but you know, sometimes I confuse what irony actually is) I was going to write something about how a few weeks ago my internet was down for a few days and I was all walking around my apartment like a lost something or another and then just snapped out of it because – for real, it?s not that big of a deal. And so (here?s the maybe irony), I decided that once I moved to the new place – that I would spend at least one night a week unplugged from the internet. Willingly doing so is one thing, but being forced makes me frown. But alas, there is nothing I can do to change what is.

So, I have 15 days to unpack and get settled with no real distractions – we?ll see how that goes.