Boxed In

Hi, do you see this? I am typing these words from my desk. At home. Where I have internet. I will not even get into the sheer insanity that was dealing with Verizon in order to get DSL and since it?s working now, I?m just going to let it go. Well, after I write my very angry letter.

Yesterday was the very last day of doing anything in my old apartment. Good riddance. This is my vow that I will never, never, never clean an apartment again after moving out. The last time we moved, we hired someone to clean it and they did a fantastic job. This time, we did it ourselves, recession and all – and it sucked. For the time and money spent – I prefer to allow someone else the opportunity to clean my mess. Yes, I said allow. This is my narrative. It probably did not help that smack in the middle of moving we (and by we, I mean I) decided we should go home for a few days for Mother?s Day. I know it?s all a pre-fabricated holiday and whatnot but I hadn?t been home in a long while and my Mom? Made of awesome. I like the rest of my family too :)

My Family

I would like to say that because we?ve had so much time in between shifting from one place to the next that things are sorted and we are so together but that would be a lie. I just looked over my left shoulder and what was staring back at me was not pretty. Also, my kitchen is still for the most part packed. I haven?t drank out of a real glass in about 2 weeks and we?re living on things that I can cook with a limited amount of kitchen utensils. Which is to say – homemade pizza and mexican food. I mean, it could be far more of a tragedy, no?

I?m trying to inspire myself right now because I?m actually not all that interested in cooking right now. I seem to have hit some kind of imaginary wall and I can?t quite get over it. Have you eaten something delicious lately? Tell me about it. And if it has a recipe, share it. I need to be inspired – which maybe you can tell by taking a peep at my delicious links over there as they are all food-related.

Today I am off from work and I?m going to get it together. I?m going to unpack my life from these boxes and cook something delicious to eat for myself and my husband. I will wash my hair (and the rest of myself) and maybe even watch a movie or two at some point. Naturally I plan to pepper all of this with small naps throughout the day. Have a good Monday!