Up All Night

Boredom Will Do This To You

I love the above picture of myself A LOT. And honestly, I?m not that vain – but I felt like this post might need some visual interest. So there you go – my face. Interesting, no?

I?ve been working at night for a couple of months and my whole world has gotten turned upside-down. I?m up late and sleep in and I putter around, accomplishing very little. I?ve got to get into better habits soon because I?m kind of a mess right now. On Saturday we?re moving to a new apartment. Slightly bigger than the one I?m in now and in a cute little neighborhood that I?m excited to live in. This means my life is an array of boxes and lists and planning and mailing changes and you would not even believe the number of magazines I subscribe to – it?s almost ridiculous. Almost.

Tonight I came home from work and decided that I should make pita bread. Note to self: always read recipes BEFORE starting these things because then you would know that such a thing requires about 8 hours of resting time. No worries though, I?ll just push that meal back to later in the week. I?m malleable that way, kind of.

After I watched Lost (HOLY CRAP) I decided I should make something for my husband to take for lunch because I?m a good wife like that and so I went into my kitchen at 12:30 a.m. to do that. My love? It knows no bounds, neither does my disdain but that?s another story for another day.

After Saturday my internet access will be super limited until Thursday of next week but I will of course be updating my twitter and whining about the perils of moving. Pray for me, I think I?m probably going to need it.