Lessons From The President Of The United States

I just started reading Barack Obama?s Dreams From My Father (thanks Risa!). Less than 25 pages in and I?d already accumulated a list of 8 words that I didn?t know. I?m a little further along now but my list (and subsequent lessons) continue to grow. First, did you know when you?re studying something it?s pore over it and not pour over it? When I read that, I thought certainly it must be wrong and how smart I was to have noticed that egregious error in this book – but alas, I?m just dumb.

My list of words I?ve had to look up and/or ask someone about since starting this book:

– nihilism

– ingratiating

– contemporaneous

– transgressor

– apocryphal

– miscegenation

– portending

– peripatetic

– conscripted

– dewlapped