Nothing Doing

Afternoon Delights!  Getting Jiggy With Jeff

I think twitter is eating my blogging mojo, but the need (compulsion?) to write about the minutia of my life is far too compelling for me to quit twittering. Also, making random verbs tthat derive from twitter? Getting old in 3, 2, 1. Just saying. So what have I been doing since I apparently just gave up on blogging? Nothing and everything:

+ I flew for the very first time. Ever. My first trip was a short one to St. Louis (for work, mostly) and ZOMGZ! I (finally!) met Steffy who was so beyond awesome for showing me her city and helping me spend my money. Also? She is very cute and knows where to find a good drink. Random thing – did you guys know there really was a Saint Louis? I mean, I suppose that seems obvious, but I'm not gonna lie and say I knew because I didn't.

+ Further to my whole flying experience (which I LOVED), I learned about some of the not awesome things that come with flying. You know, like being stuck for four hours and did you know that restaurants in airports shut down? Oh, you did? Well thanks for telling me!

+ Celebrated six years of wedded bliss. And by bliss I mean the trials and tribulations that are marriage.

+ And just for fun – this photo captures everything that I love about my friend Francesca who puts the awe in awesome (womp womp).

I could make you some empty promises about how I'm going to do better – how I'll write more but honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing with this blog right now or any of the other 873 that I own. I always say that I miss you guys and it's true – I do. And hopefully I'll get it together sooner than later.