Yeah, so I dropped the ball on that update every day in March eh? In defense of myself, I intended to and even thought about it – but then I forgot and I woke up today and remembered.

So all the time in February that I was busy not writing about my life I have to tell you that I did not accomplish much. Things have been in a serious state of upheaval at my job and things are a bit shaky which has led me to do an inordinate amount of worrying. I know that worrying doesn't change the outcome but I've yet to fully acquire the skills needed to be one of those people who can just shelf things and keep progressing. I fret people, I am a fretter. I lie awake at night (and in the day too) thinking about things that I can not change and I know that I need to stop doing that post haste.

Besides my inablity to change the unchangeable – things keep progressing. I've crossed some pretty large milestones with weight loss and I am beyond excited about that. I am thankful for lots of things and trying to remain positive at every turn. Despite how it looks, I'm not going to stop writing because that keeps me sane and I really do miss communicating with you guys.