Things Done

My husband has been gone a little longer than a week and I guess in his absence I was rendered incapable of accomplishing anything of value. Except for that one day where I made a to do list and did almost everything on it. Most of the time he?s been gone I?ve spent creating the perfect mold of my body in the mattress and whining about how much I miss him. Rest assured that two days after he?s back, I will return to my regular complaining about him. This is the ebb and flow my friends.

I also don?t know about you guys – but I?m tired of reading bad news. Does anything good ever happen anymore? Is this the universe?s way of balancing itself because Barack got elected? A smack in the face to remind us all that things kind of suck? And by kind of I mean totally.

While my husband has been gone, my girlfriends have done a good job at keeping me entertained. They?ve called and checked on me, stopped by and bought me delicious meals. The upside to having me as a dinner date is that since surgery – I am the cheapest date in town. I used to love to eat out before surgery but more often than not, it?s hard to legitimize the cost versus what I can actually eat. Last week during a later dinner with a friend, a really cute waiter and a nicer restaurant pronounced Cioppino as Cha-pony. Neither of us had the heart to correct him, but I seriously wonder how long he?d been going around saying that with a straight face? In hindsight, I probably should have told him.