Carletta & Christal

– I miss writing at epinions, hopefully enough to maybe start writing a little more (read: at all).  Nice seeing you again C!

– Miley Cyrus sounds (and kind of looks like) what I think the record companies envisioned for Ashlee Simpson.

– I can?t decide if I love or hate Lady Gaga

– I definitely need Katy Perry to go and crawl under a rock.

– The L Word is back and I?m just going to be honest and say that it?s got 3 episodes before I?m going to give up.

– Speaking of giving up on tv shows. I?m so not investing myself in any more ABC shows because well – they cancel everything I like.

– Further to my commentary on ABC – please watch Scrubs, goodbye Private Practice (you suck!), and I?m going to miss you Dirty Sexy Money!

– I miss sharing music with you guys. Still not bringing back the Sunday Share, but I?m going to do something about sharing soon.

– My husband got a job. Thank God!