Obama Mania

Barack Obama Wallpaper

Just like with anything, there is a point that something you love becomes something you wish people would simply stop talking about. I was not an early Obama supporter to be honest. I was a Hilary supporter and I feel no shame in saying that at all. However, it seems that the Obama train is an unstoppable one and if you don?t get on it ? you?re just going to get left behind.

Despite the words hope and change becoming clich and practically exploited ? today really does feel like a day when things might begin to shift. You want to be able to believe in the person who is leading you and for a long time it?s not been that way. No matter your political affiliation, sexual orientation, race or gender ? you can see that things are quite simply: a mess. And this man, who has somehow been canonized is inheriting all of this ? the good and the bad.

And so, I hope (and pray) that everything gets better. That Mr. Obama is The President everyone is willing him to be because we all know that ?With great power comes great responsibility.?