Sunday Share: Vaya Con Dios!

I?ve been doing the Sunday Share for about 3 years and today I think I came to the realization that it?s run its course for me. There will still be music for you, but probably more along the lines of songs in the sidebar that get updated whenever I feel like doing so. I feel like in order to continue blogging, you have to change things every now and again and I?d like to do that. Here are the last 3 songs of the Sunday Share. It?s been fun, no?

A Fine Frenzy: Whisper ? This song played on an episode of House and I wrote myself a post-it to remember to acquire and share it with you because it is so, so lovely.

Ani Difranco: Hour Follows Hour ? You guys have Stef to thank for this.

Keyshia Cole: Thought You Should Know ? The new Keyshia Cole cd is one of the best things I?ve heard this year. A seamless blend of R&B and Pop, it?s beyond good and this song is a good reflection of that.