Sunday Share: A Little Overdue

The past four days or so have been incredibly long but they culminated in my 30th birthday party which made me feel something beyond happy. Thank you to everyone who was there and also to those of you who wished me a happy birthday. I hope my thank you's comes across as sincere as I mean them to. Thank you for showing up. For serious.

I Want To Thank You!

also, the winner of the giveaway

is commenter #6, Shannon please email me your address info (hello @ Thanks to everyone who played along.

And FINALLY, here is the music. Sorry it's a little late. Please forgive me and enjoy it.

Chester French: She Loves Everybody – Prepare yourself to hear a lot more about Chester French, and given the way they make music – all of that attention is deserved.

Common: PUnch Drunk Love feat. Kanye West – SOmeone said to me yesterday that Hip-Hop sucks these days. I beg to differ sir. Case in point.

Kanye West: Street Lights – I know some people really loathe 808 & Heartbreaks, the new Kanye West album and I am just not one of those people although I admit to finding his personality to be quite loathesome. His music? Love that.

Musiq Soulcdhil: Sobeautiful – I really hate the annoying way that Musiq smooshes all his words away, but I did listen to this song on repeat for about an hour today. So, I guess I don't care that much.