Sunday Share: Everybody Here Wants You

I love this week?s songs so much. I probably say that a lot, but I am so sinserious about that this week. Righ-click and save as, enjoy.

Basic Vocab: Come Get With It – Proof positive that Hip-Hop doesn?t always make you feel dirty inside. I heard this at the end of an episode of Entourage. For real, they just need to spin Jeremy Piven off into his own series and call it a day.

BC Jean: If I Were A Boy – You heard Beyonce sing it, now hear the original. I?m not even gonna lie, I like this version better.

Jeff Buckley: Everybody Here Wants You / Jon B: Everybody Here Wants You – How I managed to go my entire life and never hear this song is a mystery to me. A sad, sad mystery. I?d listened to Jeff Buckley before, and I really love his album Grace. But somehow, I?d never gotten around to listening to Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk. When I heard the Jon B version (yes, that Jon B) – I did a little research and found out who it belonged to and a love affair began. I said this over on flickr, but I may never listen to another song again because this one is just too beautiful.

Kidz In The Hall: Love Hangover feat. Estelle – I saw Kidz In The Hall during a very rare viewing of videos on MTV. I?m glad I didn?t turn the channel.

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