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Mad Hatter Tea Partyl to r: ME!, Jessica, Francesca

Last weekend my beautiful friend Jessica came into town from California (too many of my friends live too far away) and threw one of the most fabulous parties ever. EVER! The party was a Mad Hatter Tea Party (Alice In Wonderland) and it was so beautifully planned, decorated and executed. It was all very Martha Stewart but with karaoke because y'all know Martha Stewart don't know nothing 'bout karaoke. I wish I'd taken more pictures for you to see how fantastical everything was, but I kind of didn't.

Both Jessica & Francesca have been friends of mine since forever ago when we spent a month together in a Spanish language boot camp of sorts. It's so amazing to me just how easy it is to fall back into place with all of the friends I made that summer, and the handful of people that I've kept in touch with continue to amaze me with their kindness, intelligence and lots of other stellar ajdectives.

I have the best friends and I am so thankful for that. I don't want to be all saccharine about it, but the people in my life? They are pretty ________ , I don't know – there is no word to describe the profound affection I feel for them. I want to carry them in my pockets or hoard them for myself, but to be selfish with people so amazing would be…well – selfish.

Mad Hatter Tea Party Set On Flickr