Crush On You

Once my husband started temping in the city, I become an official commuter.Initially I was one of those annoying people who got on the bus and paid cash, holding everyone else behind them up, but I got smart pretty quick and got myself an official commuter badge so as not to embarrass myself or incite an angry metrobus line mob.

I haven?t really regaled you with my stories of public bus riding because I try to block a lot of that business out, but riding the bus is to put it succinctly; an experience. However, it?s not all hobos and body odor – there are definitely some upsides. There?s a girl who rides the same bus as I do for a short distance and I want her to be my friend but I haven?t come up with a way to tell her that which doesn?t make me seem like either a weirdo or a lesbian. And listen, there is nothing wrong with the latter, but this isn?t really that kind of party.

She?s totally beautiful and stylish and OMG I can not even believe I?m talking about making friends with a girl on a metrobus. But I am. So, yes – she is totally stylish and secretly (or not now) she is quietly becoming my fashion role model. So, this is where you come in people. This is where you tell me that I have options:

A. Leave it alone and just shut the hell up and ride the bus. There is no way to speak to her which will make me look sane or not like I?m Jeffrey Dahmer

B. Compliment her stylish attire and try to strike up a mini-convo over a few days time and see if it evolves in an organic way.

C. Compliment her stylish attire and ask her if she?d like to hang out sometime (see, even as I typed that one it seemed a little homo-erotic)

D.  OTHER (I am totally open to suggestions)

Man, this would have been a great askmefi question.