Dear internet, I really need to stop buying clothes. Seriously. Actually, I need to stop buying things period – but that is highly unlikely to happen in the near future or my lifetime. I promised Amy! that I would not spend more than $50 on clothes the rest of the year. That's probably going to be a problem, but I'm going to abide by it because Amy is a bully and I'm a lover, not a fighter. Or, at least that's the myth that I continue to perpetuate.

I've been losing and gaining the same 5 or 10 lbs over and over in the last 3 months. I'm teetering on a really good breakthrough that I'm excited about – but I'm not quite there yet. So, in an effort to turn the corner – I'm drinking protein shakes and I stopped drinking soda which I'm technically, maybe not supposed to be drinking anyways. Baby steps. I'd ideally like to lose 60 more pounds, but if I didn't lose one more beyond today I think I could still cope. I'm more concerned with how I feel versus the numbers which I know sounds like a big pile of steaming poo, but it's true.

Confession: I hate to brush my teeth. Sometimes when I'm home alone, I don't brush them until I'm going to interact with another human being. Thankfully, I have been blessed with fairly decent teeth. I probably just jinxed myself and next week will need a million dollars worth of dental work which would be a problem since I am woefully uninsured.

Besides spending money that I might need next week to replace my teeth, life continues to teeter along. I haven't abandoned this blog and I'm still reading along with all of you, just at a very slow pace.

Tell me what you're listening to these days – maybe that will inspire me.