Sunday Share: A Bunch Of Love Songs

I honestly just realized that all of the songs this week deal with love in one way or another. The subconscious is an interesting thing. At any rate, I hope you like them because I think this week is a really good week. Enjoy! Songs expire in 7 days, so even if you've arrived here via google and the links look active – they are not.

Chairlift: Bruises – I'm sure this song was in a commercial, probably one for itunes – but I discovered it on a rainy afternoon surfing the internet. Don't let the punchy music fool you, it's a love song in it's purest form. That unattainable love that always makes you feel like a failure? This song is about that.

Daft PUnk: Something About Us – I actually owe this song to my husband. It's one of his very favorite songs and he sorted through about 80 songs before he actually found it to play for me. I think it's kind of lovely and special. 

John Legend: No Other Love Feat. Estelle – John Legend + Estelle = Pure Love!

Quintessence: You Don't Care – I've actually posted music by Quintessence before, but if you've never taken the time to download them – here's another opportunity to open yourself up to something new.

Rachael Yamagata: Sunday Afternoon – This song is long, clocking in at 9:05, but it's ten minutes well spent. About complicated love, just the arrangement of the whole affair makes me swoon.