On A Wednesday

I was so much better at blogging before I bought this new domain. Perhaps it is sucking my brain waves away? Or perhaps I can just never think of anything to write.

I bought a really cute jacket a few days ago and had to return it because it was too big. Too big. Ha! What a concept! It's really the little things that please me so. I also got new perfume (yep, I drink that kool-aid and it's delicious) and it makes me so happy I could vomit stars and kittens.

I love Dancing With The Stars, when I watch it – it's like there is a permanent smile on my face. I don't know if this makes me cheesy or just stupid. Or, maybe it means I'm brilliant. I also need all of you to watch How I Met Your Mother. I mean, if you watched Friends – this show is 840x smarter and funnier than that, and I actually liked that show. Don't say I never told you.