Middle Of The Weekend Update

Beyond asto  My Hair Is So Curly today.

Hi, welcome back to inthelifeof.org formerly lifeisdelicious and before that inthelifeof. Never let it be said that I am anything, if not indecisive. I guess ultimately I never really got my groove at inthelifeof.org and so here I am.

I am wearing an underwire bra today and I quickly came to the conclusion that it had to have been invented by a man because no woman would do this to another woman. I mean for real, this bra is the equivalent of Chinese foot binding, but for breasts.

Besides being confined in a modern day torture device, all is well. Nablopomo is starting in a little over a week and I'm going to try to play along. I briefly contemplated whether I'd hit a blogging wall and if I needed to just do something else – but I realized that was crazy talk.

Sunday Share will resume on (ha ha) Sunday.