There are a lot of things on my mind?s radar that I would like to talk about but I?m busy incessantly blowing my nose as I have been for the past 4 days. I have bright moments where I totally feel better and then moments where I?m aww hell naw – this sucks, pity me, cry cry.

I?m mad at Mother Nature for acting like Fall is not a real season and basically straight up skipping to Winter. I am not feeling that business at all. I want it to be summer again so I can have something new to complain about.

I will be so glad when this election is over. If I get one more email about it – I?m going to get all Incredible Hulk and start breaking things up. Yes, I know pivotal time, blah, blah, maverick, blah, blah, nice shoes Governor Palin, blah, blah – I just need all of this to be over so everyone can go back to not caring about politics and acting all righteous. I will say however, that the one thing this election has done is make watching The View more enjoyable.

Around The Way Girlwonder

I have been making and eating a lot of soup. In between large pots of soup, I?ve been making desserts as tests for my 30th Birthday Extravangza ?. One of my girlfriends asked why I wasn?t going to let my husband deal with all the food and libations at said extravaganza and I had to break it down for her all nice like and let her know that if left to his devices there would be tortilla chips, organic salsa and $200 worth of top shelf liquor I probably don?t even like. So, to ensure that I?m having the party I want to have – I?ll be in charge of that thank you very much.

Is this the biggest, ramblingest piece of work you?ve ever spent your life space on? Blame it on the Sudafed.