4 (and a half) Things I Love About My BFF Amy!

Let me tell y'all a story. Actually, no – I suck at storytelling. My bff Amy! (note the punctuation, it's imperative) was in New York recently and do to circumstances beyond my control and the general douchebaggery of an unnamed person – I didn't get a chance to see her. It's okay though because I can live vicariously through her pictures. But even though we have to rely on the internet and phone calls to communicate – I missed her. A lot. And in the spirit of my bff being back in my (virtual) life, here's a list of things I love about her:

+ Her ability to tell me the truth, no matter how harsh, and not make me feel shitty about it.

+ Her ability to turn ugly accessories into things of magic. For real. Christmas present earrings make you look stupid? Give them to her and she'll make them look like they are the most amazing thing on Earth.

+ Her obsession with all things Mariah Carey. You probably already know how I feel about J.Lo, well Mariah is Amy!'s J.Lo. Don't hate.

+ Her dimple. I mean, for real have you seen it?

+ I had another one for the list but at the last moment decided it might be slightly inappropriate/in poor taste.