Sunday Share: My Foolish Heart

I am so happy about the music for this week. Well, I guess that almost goes without saying because I really love all the music I post. While music hasn't been all that interesting so far this year, I think the end is more than making up for the slow start. People always ask me where I get music from and I'm not trying to be secretive when I say everywhere. Sometimes, I know on Monday what I'll post the next week and sometimes songs just seem to find me and I can't wait to share them with you, so I sincerely hope that you listen and love them like I do.

Janelle Monae: Sincerely Jane – Oh, Janelle Monae might be slightly left of center, but her voice and musicality is dead on center. Be prepared to fall in love when you listen to this – you've been warned.

In Love With Another Man / My Foolish Heart – Where to start gushing about Jazmine Sullivan? Drawing heaps of praise and comparison to Lauryn Hill – which in and of itself is a large compliment. Let's just say that Sullivan deserves everything good coming her way and I couldn't choose just one song so here are two

Stefanie Heinzmann: My Man Is A Mean Man – World, Stefanie Heinzmann is brilliant. Hearts, kittens, rainbows, lolcats and all of that. I promise.