Sunday Share: Music Lockdown

I'm pressed for time since it's after seven o'clock and I'm just now accomplishing a multitude of personal hygiene tasks for the day. Please enjoy the songs, as always – right-click and save as, songs expire in 7 days.

Garnett Silk: Love Is The Answer – Chances are strong you have no idea who Garnett Silk is, welcome to a new world.

Jojo: Can't Believe It – I know that T-Pain is THIS close to becoming the person whose voice I least want to hear ever again, but until that moment, enjoy this remake of his hit Can't Believe It.

Kanye West: Love Lockdown – I still hate that I love Kanye West because he strikes me as so utterly smug. However, this song might be the beginning of an unequited love affair.


Sizzla: Enemies Are Confounded – One of my very favorite Sizzla songs and takes me back to a very specific time in my life, good times.