Sunday Share: Cutting It Close

It's almost midnight but I'm determined to get this Sunday Share up and done. I know posting has been sporadic of late, but take these songs as my personal cupcakes to you all.

Ani Difranco: Smiling Underneath – Ani Difranco to me is like the folksy version of Tori Amos. Die-hard fans, quirk and really, really smart. This song doesn't scream typical Difranco to me and I love that about it.

Jem: Down To Earth – Oh, Jem how I've missed you! Few of you will actually remember the Canadian import, but now would be an excellent opportunity to learn why you should know all about her.

Joan Osborne: Little Wild One – Yes, if God where one of us Joan Osborne. It's so unfortunate when an artist can't break the stranglehold of a big hit like that and Osborne has been some really good music since that first album. She can add this song to that repertoire.

Lil Wayne feat. Bobby Valention: Mrs. Officer – What's a week with no Wayne? INCOMPLETE, that's what.