Sunday Share: I’m So Excied

Today?s Sunday Share is good. Really good. I?ve kind of been looking forward to it for days and so I hope that it makes your day a little nicer. As always, please right-click and save as.

Che?nelle: I Fell In Love With The DJ – This one is really just because I want you to shake your booty on a Sunday afternoon (or a Monday morning or whenever). A pop/dancehall-ish type track with a slick chorus and a good groove.

Jennifer Hudson: Spotlight – I really hated this song when I first heard it, but now I can?t seem to stop listening to it. I hope that Jennifer Hudson?s new album doesn?t suck. I hope that it?s not full of songs that feel like they should have been sung by Patti Labelle instead of a twenty-something with a big voice. I?m keeping my fingers crossed.

Mirah: The Garden – Quirky is the best word I can think of to describe this track. It?s a song I first heard on So You Think You Can Dance (Shut up! I know you?re watching too) and dance is just as quirky (and great) as the song.

Nas: Hero feat. Keri Hilson – I?m going to be honest and say that I?ve never been much of a Nas fan. I went to Rock The Bells (the tour) last week and left before he even hit the stage. But his new album, Untitled – has me a little bit excited. There?s a fire and a newness about his rhyming and I really appreciate that. Right now, it?s on my shortlist for top albums of the year, it?s just that good. This song, which features the omnipresent Keri Hilson is just one example of why Nas is so great right now.

Raphael Saadiq: Oh Girl – If you are not familiar with the brilliance that is Raphael Saadiq, you need to get acquainted right now and by right now I mean like, yesterday. This song is such a throwback, something Saadiq does so amazingly well. And yet, it sounds fresh and contemporary and perfect for a little summer romance.