You have new Picture Mail!  Windswept

My mother and brother in-law are in town, hence the infrequent updates. I am locked into a never-ending string of eating, family visits and eating and family visits. Oh, and we eat. A lot. Perhaps I nibble more than eat, but the food is in abundance and to turn down food in an Ethiopian household? Unheard of.

I feel like there has been so much to do and yet, I haven?t really been doing much at all. Cuddling with my husband?s cousin?s baby girl, playing (and winning) Conquer (a card game), and just generally being. I am very lucky to be a part of this family and I am so aware of that.

Today I have been wearing a pink robe all day and napping and gabbing in sporadic intervals. I begged my husband for one day of quiet where getting dressed was not a requirement. He obliged but really only since today he is beside himself because he?s getting to meet Mulatu Astatke, a famous and well-respected Ethiopian musician which would kind of be like meeting J. Lo in person.

Tomorrow is a new day and I?ll probably have to actually bathe and get dressed, but I?m trying to soak up these last days of summer which I am holding on very fiercely to.

I?ll be around.