Pause, Erase, Rewind

Having a blog when things in your life are in disarray is dangerous territory. Made even more dangerous by the fact that I try to filter myself as little as possible. Still, having said that – there are things that I've needed to be very quiet about for risk of hurting people's feelings or embarrassing myself and frankly, I can't decide which is worse but that could be my ego speaking.

As I lay down in bed this morning I had this thought that a good relationship is like a dance. The good ones are well-choreographed and move with fluidity; occasionally misstepping but getting right back on track. Of course, learning the dance is hard and it takes practice, but once you learn it – it's so perfect and to outsiders it looks like you've been doing that dance your whole life, even though behind the scenes you were putting in major work.

How does one learn to be better in relationships? To be a better sibling, friend, spouse, parent – is it as simple as good old-fashioned do unto others?

I was hoping that the older I got that life's mysteries would reveal themselves to me clearly, maybe in a dream or maybe I'd just wake up one day and know. That I would suddenly wake up one day and know everything. What a farce! I've been here (here being alive on Earth just fyi) almost 30 years and I still know nothing at all. I guess that's the universe's way of reminding that I am but a player in the game and that life keeps moving whether I want it to or not.