I have a headache. I?d like to say that it?s because I?m tired, but I think it might have been that Reese?s Peanut Butter Cup I ate. Damn you chocolate and peanut butter for going together so well!

It?s a startlingly beautiful day outside but I?m trapped indoors with no windows, fluorescent lights and air conditioning set at arctic chill.

I have been searching online for an ensemble to wear to a christening I?m going to later in the month. In typical Ethiopian fashion, this is not a one day event – thusly requiring me to have several changes of attire for the two day event. I would be angry about this under typical (read: any other time except right now) circumstances, but I kind of love the baby a lot so I?m suppressing my rage.

I sent a friend of mine an email to discuss a gigantic elephant in the room. An email y?all. How 2008 is that? Our once shiny and pristine relationship had somehow tripped and fell into a fat puddle of mud and become something not so great. It?s so silly to have even emailed about it, but I think we both feel better about it – or at least I do.

My friend Julio cooked me dinner last night and it was supremely delicious. Besides unemploymentgate 08 ©, this year has been pretty good to me, especially in terms of meeting people and building new relationships and I?m so thankful for that.

Joshua won So You Think You Can Dance. I love him and I want to have 453 cute, chubby brown babies with him.  Two of my favorite performances featuring his cute face here and here (couldn?t help myself) and here.