To (Not) Do

Things I should not be doing during that time of the month. But before I get to said list, why is it called the ?time of the month?? I mean, I was going to write menstrual cycle but that just seems? I don?t know. I just seems like not something you throw out on your blog all willy-nilly and on top of that, I try to keep my bodily functions to myself. But since I went there, here?s my list, go ahead – it is not at all embarrassing and will not make you feel uncomfortable like those commercials for tampons and feminine wash do.

Things I should not be doing during that time of the month

+ Working. I fully feel I should be excused from work and all work-related activities. I have no logic or purpose behind this, I just feel that way.

+ Talking. I am subject to overreact and/or yell at any given moment. So probably I?m thinking I should abstain from most forms of communication.

+ Eating the entire world. I couldn?t even begin to rationalize the amount of food I have stuffed in my gaping maw in the last 3 days. I astound myself sometimes.

Now that I typed that out, it doesn?t seem all that bad. Or at least that?s the lie I?m telling myself.